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Meet your dog's licking and chewing needs

The ultimate enrichment set

Chew holder

CHEWDEN Grip securely holds various kinds of chews, which reduces choking hazards and keeps paws clean.

Frozen treat holder

Easily prepare and serve frozen treats with CHEWDEN Trove's insulated material, flat base, and airtight lid.


Dishwasher-safe and handwash-friendly, the CHEWDEN Base holds your treats in place and contains any spills, crumbs, and drool.

One size fits all

Loved by dogs of all breeds and sizes, all around the world



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Too good to be chew

Chewing is a natural activity for dogs that improves dental hygiene, busts boredom, and provides mental stimulation. However, some dogs might gulp down the last bit of chew, which can become a choking hazard.

Secure bully sticks, bones and tendons, yak cheese, and more with CHEWDEN Grip, and prevent your dog from swallowing chews whole.

A Trove of delights

Licking releases feel-good chemicals that regulate anxiety and promote a sense of calm. It's an ideal activity to help your dog settle during stressful situations like thunderstorms, grooming sessions, or when guests are over.

It's also an excellent tool for general decompression, providing your pup with a soothing and enjoyable pastime. Simply fill and freeze your CHEWDEN Trove to get your dog licking!

All about that Base

Made from quality kitchen-grade stainless steel, the full CHEWDEN Set includes a Base that you can attach your Grip and Trove to. This allows you to keep your dog chewing and licking in one location, and also works to contain any crumbs and drool. It elevates the treats and keeps paws mess-free.

No more chasing your pup around the house as they play keep-away with their half-eaten bully sticks!

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Li y.O.
Perfect gift

I got this for my friend for her dog’s bday as she was eyeing on it! Lunoji’s products are perfect for gifting!

Good Quality, Pup loves it!

The base is sturdy and easy to clean. My pup loves the ice cream, will repurchase!

Crystal C.
Happy dog

Now my dog can chew without having to worry about choking hazard


A really great quality set, totally worth the money

Chloe E.
the ultimate boredom buster for my hyper pup !!

i love the chewden trove + base !! my pup eats and drinks really quickly (even a slow feeder can't slow him down) but the trove has been a gamechanger for simple, quick frosty treats to kill boredom and anxiety! the base makes it absolutely hassle- and mess-free, and it's so easy to clean! best buy ever <3

Chelsea K.
Fantastic product

Loved the products from lunoji. Would highly recommend!

Bought the Chewden Grip!

Finally able to introduce tougher chews safely to my pup!

Very good products!

Love them!

High Quality and Well-Thought Product Design

I recently acquired the entire 3-piece set of dog enrichment toys from Lunoji, which includes the Grip, Base, and Trove, and pre-ordered the Twirl Lick Mat three months in advance – and let me tell you, the wait was absolutely worth it. The silicone material exudes luxury and high quality, while the thoughtful design caters to both pet and owner, making it a delight to interact with. The color selection adds an elegant touch to my home, and I'm eagerly anticipating trying out the Trove and Twirl Lick Mat Blends for added enrichment (review on these to come soon!).

However, what truly sets CHEWDEN apart is their outstanding customer service. The team's responsiveness and efficiency throughout the entire purchasing process were exceptional, promptly addressing all my requests and inquiries. I wholeheartedly recommend Lunoji's enrichment toys to fellow pet owners looking to elevate their furry friend's playtime with top-notch quality and unparalleled customer service.

Amanda, thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review. We are blessed with your kind words and they mean the world to us. It makes us happy to be able to touch lives (both humans and pets) across the world. As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch if there's anything else we can help with!

Sharon Y.

Great stuff for my puopy