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noun; /lu-noʊ-ʤi/

A small business based in the sunny island of Singapore. Passionate dog and cat owners who design and create innovative products that enrich the lives of humans and their pets.

Made for pets, designed for you.

At Lunoji, we create things that humans love, for the ultimate betterment of our pets.

Taking good care of our pets isn’t always easy, especially without the right tools. We aim to help people treat their pets better. We do this by creating products designed to balance and serve the needs of both humans and pets.

They might not be concerned about dirty paws, messy floors or safety, but we are. That’s why our products are made for pets, but designed for you.

What drives us to do what we do?

We strive to reduce the barriers that prevent us from living our best lives with our pets.

We understand how difficult it can be to fulfill our pets' needs. Whether it's a busy work-life schedule, too hot/cold/wet weather, or toys that are simply too hard to clean, there are often inconveniences that make caring for our pets more difficult than they have to be. We hope that through thoughtful, human-and-pet-centric design, we can develop solutions that simplify and enrich life with your pet.

What are our values?

We conceptualise all our products from scratch in-house, so safe to say we care greatly about innovative design. We value providing you with a holistic experience - from the look and feel of a product, to how easy it is to use, helps solve problems, and of course, works for our furry friends. We design quality, safe products that both pets and humans adore.

We also care deeply about sustainability. We avoid single-use plastics where possible, and we often go for eco-friendly materials even if it means a higher cost to us.