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Lunoji Pebble

where food meets play

The all-in-one puzzle toy

Slow down eating

Fill with wet food to encourage licking, which slows eating speed, reduces choking, and calms dogs.

Stimulate & challenge

Use the included Blocker attachment to transform Pebble into a treat dispenser with customisable difficulty!

Fun & interactive

Play your way! Fill with treats and watch Pebble rock, roll, and bounce as your dog tries to get the food out.

Easy to clean

Open into two halves for easy prep and cleaning. Dishwasher safe and easy to handwash.

Pebble Pre-orders

Pebble was sold out on launch weekend. Thank you for the overwhelming support!

Pebble is now open for pre-orders. If your order contains Pebble, it will be dispatched from 7 Aug 2024. Please bear with us as we work through the orders chronologically.


[Pre-Order] Pebble

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Bundle and save!

The Classic

Pebble Only

Fill with different types of treats to encourage different types of play.

  • 1 Pebble
  • 1 Blocker attachment

Bundle deal (Save 5%)

Pebble Starter Kit

Pair Pebble with our Training Bites, perfectly sized to work with the medium and large openings for varying difficulty.

  • 1 Pebble
  • 1 Blocker attachment
  • 1 packet of Training Bites

Perfect for meals & enrichment (Save 10%)

Pebble Premium Bundle

Perfect for meal prep and treat time throughout the week. Always have your dog's food ready in the freezer, with a spare for enrichment games!

  • 1 Slate Blue Pebble
  • 1 Citrine Yellow Pebble
  • 2 Blocker attachments
  • 4 packets of Training Bites
  • Free priority global shipping (3-4 business days)
  • Hours of dog fun!

Bite-sized treats

Perfect for training and enrichment toys

Made in Singapore with just three human-grade ingredients, these meaty training bites are sized perfectly to work well with Pebble. Use the large opening for an easier time, or switch to the medium-sized opening to ramp up the challenge!


Only three human-grade ingredients per flavour!


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Favorite Toy

My boy simply loves pebble. He gets excited and plays with pebble and enjoys the rewards.

Vincent /.J.
Love it - keep my puppy busy @djjjigee

We love how versatile the pebble is! Jjigee has a lot of energy so this toy is perfect for him and keeps him busy for at least 30 minutes.

Genius Toy!

Omg loving this genius puzzle toy so much! Fuss free and sooo easy to wash (which checked off my hygiene concerns) 👍🏼 no sharp no hidden corners! So safe for our puppy! Our puppy is loving it as much as we do and it keeps him so busy and entertaining hahaha! We totally love Lunoji’s thoughtful creations and the meticulous brainwork behind each product! Highly recommended! Is great for furkid or as a gift for pet owners! 😍

Genius toy

omg this is greatly a genius toy and puzzle toy for our puppy! it keeps our puppy so busy and entertained, no regrets getting this, extremely happy with this purchase and also it has no sharp no hidden corners, the rubber material is gentle for our flooring, best of all so easy to wash which check off my list for hygiene concerns. Thank you Lunoji for the great invention and we are loving it! Highly recommend you guys get one for your furkid or as a gift! xoxo

So many ways for pup to have fun!

If you're looking for an interactive treat dispensing toy that doubles as a slow feeder and lick 'mat', look no further! We took a day to test its variations before writing a review and this product did not disappoint. Our pup spent almost the entire day rolling the pebble around the house (at first for treats, then for entertainment). At the end of the day, we prepared a calming lick session for him with the Lunoji Trove Blend in the same Pebble! It's also tested and loved by the humans - so easy to set up, adjust the opening to a variation of treat sizes and washing + drying is such a breeze.
Really appreciate the customer service too for taking the effort share a bunch of innovative ways to set up the Pebble. The number of uses for 1 product is really amazing and so worth the price. No regrets purchasing this on launch day!

Versatile and fun!

We’ve been using our Pebble for almost a month now and Ponyo is obsessed. As soon as I get the Pebble out, she knows it’s time for fooood! It keeps her entertained, slows down her eating and mentally stimulates her. I like how it offers different difficulty levels, also particularly useful when treats are of different sizes. Love Lunoji’s innovation and modern designs as always! 🤍

An entire hour of engagement!

Took me only 3 minutes to set up the Pebble with treats but 1 entire hour for my doggo to get all the treats out (not complaining!) - by the time she was done, she’s ready for her nap! Easy to clean and store as well, snatch it before it’s gone!

So fun !

We've been using the Pebble for a week straight, and Hedi loves it! He doesn't get frustrated and always finds ways to get to the treats or food. It's incredibly easy to clean, which is a big plus since we dislike the cleaning process for some feeders. The other cool feature is that you can freeze liquids in it, making it even more interesting for Hedi