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Organic Nut Butter

Made for dogs, but so good we enjoy it ourselves.

Gourmet Nut Butter

Delicious, healthy, and organic.

No sugar, no salt, and no xylitol, our hazelnut and cashew spreads are formulated specially for dogs, and are the perfect treats to be used on enrichment toys and lick mats.

Human-grade & organic

Made in Singapore with love, using only human-grade, organic, vegan, and halal-certified ingredients

Specially formulated

Formulated to be extra long-lasting and sticky, perfect for use on enrichment toys & lick mats

Gourmet flavors

Luxurious and fragrant flavors that smell and taste good for dogs and humans alike

Wholesome ingredients

Organic Carob Hazelnut Spread:
Organic hazelnut, organic chia seeds, organic carob

Organic Cashew Pandan Kaya:
Organic roasted cashew nut, organic coconut chips, pandan extract

Organic Nut Butter

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Made with only human-grade, organic, vegan, and halal-certified ingredients

Made for dogs - gourmet flavors with no sugar/salt/xylitol

Easy-clean, easy-prep, long-lasting.

The perfect enrichment toy to pair with nut butter, Twirl is our revolutionary take on what a lick mat should be.

Putting a spin on lick mats


Simply add soap, lather, and twist while rinsing! Alternatively, brush gently in a circular motion.


Drizzle or spread paste on one side of Twirl, then cover, squeeze, and twist for an easy spread.


Designed to spread a small amount of paste across a wide area, keeping calories low and lick sessions long.


Stackable in the freezer, and easy to bring along for outdoor adventures.

How to use


Easy-clean, easy-prep, long-lasting lick mat


Easy-clean, easy-prep, long-lasting lick mat

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Good purchase

My dog love it

C L.
Happy hour for my dog

My Poodle Sola loves the Twirl, whenever I need him to stay calm, all I need to do is to put the Kaya spread onto the Twirl and he would spend the next 20 minutes licking it. Not only Sola loves it, me too!

We're so glad you BOTH love our products! Thank you for leaving a review! :)

Nice enrichment activity

My two frenchies love it. Nice quality.

Zenden H.
Lunoji Twirl

Easy to use,clean and fun for my dog to use.
Highly recommend this product than other lick mats as this is the most convenient one out of the others we have used

Geraldine G.
Awesome product! 😍

Twirl is such an amazing product that keeps my Frenchie busy and happy while I do my own stuff! Easy to wash 🧼 too! Keep going you guys! 👍🏻

Clever Take on a Lick Mat

I had this product for 3 months and can confirm that Twirl is the best lick-mat out on the market. One Twirl mat keeps my dog busy for 30 minutes, which is so convenient for rainy days, while I am having a meeting, or need to run out for an errand. In addition, the organic nut spreads are so fun to use with this product. My dog goes nuts for these spreads. I'm going to start feeding my dog's frozen meals in these. Overall, I really appreciate Lunoji's clever design on lick mats: it's easy to use, easy to clean, durable, and aesthetically-pleasing. This product is a perfect example of style-meets-function.

Amanda, your review has made the whole team's week! Thank you for taking the time to write this, and we are so glad you and your dog are enjoying a product that we've put so much time and effort into designing. :)

Kym L.
Pup Loves It!

Great product, it's easy to load and to clean. My pup loves the nut butters and the Twirl keeps her occupied for a while.

finally trying out new twirl lick mat

- barely needed any treats to keep him busy for almost 30 mins!?
- no mess during or after (kooky can be a splashy/ messy eater)
- and best part: it's so perfect for on-the-go situations like these!

Thank you so much!


Daddy loves the Lunoji lick mat it keeps me busy so I will stop preying for food for awhile


This toy is really fun, not bad at all!