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Lunoji Pebble

where food meets play

The versatile, easy-clean enrichment toy

Slow down eating

Fill with wet food to encourage licking, which slows eating speed, reduces choking, and calms dogs.

Fun & interactive

Play your way! Fill with dry treats and watch Pebble rock, roll, and bounce as your dog tries to get the food out!

Stimulate & challenge

Challenging design that stimulates your pet mentally and physically depending on your treat selection.

Easy to clean

Open into two halves for easy prep and cleaning. Dishwasher safe and easy to handwash.

Embracing curves

Designed with no sharp edges, Pebble has a tough and durable rounded shape that rocks, bounces, and rolls for maximum fun!

Designed to challenge

Internal fins, narrow spaces, a small opening, and a wobbly base make Pebble a tricky toy that will physically and mentally challenge your pet.

Bursting with possibilities

Splits into two halves for easy preparation and cleaning. Fill with a meal, lodge some dry treats, or spread a dab of yummy nut butter that will drive your pet wild!